Zeniya Lawn by Deepak Perwani Spring/Summer 2015


The Zeniya Lawn by Deepak Perwani Spring/Summer 2015 launched on April 17th 2015 at the Palm Marquee in Defence,Karachi.

This summer, with Zeniya Lawn 2015 collection, the Deepak Perwani introduced yet another beautiful Lawn collection. We have seen more and more designer Lawn collections coming out this season. The level of innovation has been quite amazing as we have seen some really cool stuff from the likes of Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya and Khadijah Shah’s Elan Lawn. Zeniya Lawn 2015 by Deepak Perwani is more in line with traditional prints than the artistic designs that we have seen from some designers this year. At first look, you would notice the good use of vibrant colors with beautiful patterns and designs on shirt piece as well as on dupattas.

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The Zeniya Lawn by Deepak Perwani Spring/Summer 201capsule is a perfect amalgamation of contemporary chic dovetailed with traditional motif influences including chevron, ceramic pottery trompe l’oeil jewellery, Baroque mirrors and floral rosettes transposed onto a vibrant kaleidoscopic colour palette including indigenous Sindhi hues; lime,Jaipur pottery-blue; salmon lightest turquoise and dusty pink. Says Hassan Ibrahim Ahmed, Founder and Director of Zeniya to describe the philosophy, impetus and genesis of Zeniya Lawn by Deepak Perwani: “To design is to transform poetry into prose.”

Deepak kept the same prices as last year’s collection i.e Rs. 4,990. Definitely Zeniya is cheaper than most of other Lawn collections that have released this season.

Below are some pictures from the launch :
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