The Great Pakistani Circus


Pakistan is going through turmoil and a  crucial stage where terrorist activities of the fanatic Islamist has demoralized the national enthusiasm. People are quite upset over poor law and order which doesnot warrant the safety of the common man. Under this suppressed environment people eagerly look forward to have some peace of mind through some kind of entertainment . Its quite heartening to note that Brand Activate has taken the initiative to provide the quality entertainment in the shape of modern circus to the people of Pakistan under the prevailing stiff environment.

Generally in Pakistan there is a misconception of circus as it has been quite ordinary & not much recognized. But Brand Activate seems to break the myth of this misconception of Circus & bringing The great Pakistani Circus” to Karachi which will be creating an atmosphere much to the pleasure of the audience, with a delightful ambiance and amazing lighting attraction itself. The circus will not be just a circus but a marvelous source of entertainment. Most of the talent is International.
Brand Activate is quite confident over the launch of new concept of “Circus” which will not only amuse the audience but also provide the quality entertainment.


Circus performances includes:

  •  Pony Show
  • Dogs Show
  • Dog Quiz
  • Chimpanzee show
  • JugglingMagician
  • Hula Hoops
  • Strength power with Iron
  • Stage Revolving
  • Acrobat
  • Tight Rope
  • Trapeze with Ring
  • Trapeze with Dental Power
  • Trapeze with Fabric
  • Clown
  • Unicycle


    End date: 20-06-2015

    Start time: 19:30

    City: Karachi

    Address: KMC Sports Complex, karachi






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