The 10 Best Karachi Restaurants 2017 – TripAdvisor

Karachi’s packed with dining options as dozens of new restaurants open their doors to the city every year. Some are new entrants and some are old restaurants.

The world’s most efficient travel website — TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor Popularity Index, which uses a proprietary algorithm to take into account travellers’ thoughts, quantity, quality and reviews, has ranked the following restaurants as Karachi’s top 10.

1. Kolachi

With 695 reviews and a rating of 4.5, Kolachi is Karachi’s top restaurant, according to TripAdvisor. Touted as the “true holy home of tikka” by one user and a “must visit place” by another, it has been rated as excellent by top contributors.

Located at Beach Avenue in DHA Phase 8, the restaurant which is always hosting large crowds offers predominantly Pakistani food along with Afghani and Middle-Eastern cuisine.
2. BBQ Tonight

Of course BBQ Tonight made it to the list at number two with 705 reviews. Also rated 4.5, it is lauded by users as the “pride of Karachi”. Located in Clifton, Block 5, it is undoubtedly the most popular Pakistani restaurant with branches in Dubai, Singapore, Oman, Jeddah and Malaysia as well as across Pakistan.

3. Okra

Okra comes in at number 3 with a rating of 4.5 and 174 reviews. Only 5 days old, the most recent review praised Okra as a ‘must-try for all’. Most users have rated the places as excellent including a foodie who thinks Okra is “a potential Michelin eatery”. Located on 10th Commercial Lane, Zamzama, Okra offers Mediterranean cuisine.

4. Sakura

“Sushi Authentic”, “always a favorite!”, “Best Japanese food in Pakistan”, with reviews like these Sakura ranks number 4 on the list. Located inside Pearl Continental Hotel on Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Sakura offers perhaps the most loved Japanese food of the city.

5. Café Aylanto

Ranking at number 5 on the list is Café Aylanto. Nearly 100 out of the 139 reviews are very good for the eatery. Rated highest for atmosphere, the restaurant is also commended for its food. Located in Block 4, Clifton, Café Ayalnto offers Mediterranean and European food.

6. Suzie Wong

While some people like to argue the standard has deteriorated over the years, user reviews on TripAdvisor negate that entirely. With nearly all good reviews out of 71, Suzie Wong makes the list as number 6. Located inside Marriot Hotel on 9 Abdullah Haroon Road, Suzie Wong offers authentic Chinese and has been a favourite for decades.

7. Café Flo

The go to for French classics.  Easily one of the most treasured eateries of Karachi, Café Flo was rated excellent by many users. Users applauded the café for persistently serving good food. Located in Block 4, Clifton, Café Flo serves French cuisine and has garnered many a dedicated patrons.

8. Xander’s

Xander’s makes the list at number 8. Almost always bustling, the café is a popular destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Majority of the 78 users who reviewed the cafe rated it very good for food and atmosphere.

Located on E-Street Block 4, Clifton, which boasts many other eateries, Xander’s serves European and contemporary food.

9. Dynasty

Dynasty lauded for good service and quality of food, it got most positive reviews from users. Located inside Avari Towers on Fatima Jinnah Road, Dynasty serves Chinese cuisine; to some extent adapted.

10. Arizona Grill

Number 10 is Arizona Grill. Users praised the eatery for maintaining a standard in food quality. Located in Zamzama, the eatery is chiefly a steakhouse that has been a favorite for long time.

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