Students at IVSAA Bring Life to a Karachi Street

What idea would you perceive if you regularly strolled around a random, thoroughly-littered Karachi street and then suddenly one day you see a clean and pristine, and artistically transformed street instead? You nod your head in dismay, figuring out if you just lost your way or that dirt specked street disappeared overnight, right?

Well, it was 7:00 am on a fine morning of 8th November when a group of students from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture joined hands to take it to a street in Clifton, Block 2 to clean up the mess and paint beautiful graffiti instead.

With oodles of confidence and passion for life, these students began by loading garbage in huge bags in a well-organized manner. In a matter of a couple of hours, the garbage was nowhere to be seen, while students had already started to confer their creative flair onto the walls. They cleared off the wall-chalking into plain white walls and then painted them with the landscape of the city in green. By 2:00 pm, there was creativity oozing out on the street – it had come to life.

Well, this was a terrific idea executed brilliantly – however, the question remains as to what prompted these students to take an initiative so bold. Learning is a 360 degree experience when it comes to giving back, and who could have done it in a better way than those who keep striding on the learning path. On a brighter note, we can rest-assured that the spirit of responsibility still lives on and hope it stays forever.


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