Oreo Princess Pakistan – Oreo dunks its way into our hearts

World’s number one biscuit focuses on the love a parent shares with their child. Keeping in line with this strategy, the Oreo’s Princess Campaign throws light on the unconditional friendship between a father and a daughter. Oreo launched the princess campaign on 1st May 2014 and made millions smile with the endearing concept and even more heartwarming execution. The ad has managed to hit a chord with the audience and build an emotional connection in just a week’s time.

Last year Oreo launched the Twist, Lick, Dunk campaign that highlighted father-son relationship and this year the ad focuses on the daughter. Princess Campaign shows a daughter pretending to be a princess and welcoming her father into her little fairytale world. The father has to obey everything the ‘princess’ says and learn the TLD ritual in the process. The ad ends on an endearing note leaving the consumer feeling emotionally connected with the brand. Oreo’s global Facebook page and leave your comment at Oreo Website

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