Life in Karachi

I hope the prime minister knows that the people living in Karachi have suffered and seen various shades of mercilessness. The rivalry between the KESC and the KWSB has led to a complete disaster for the residents of Karachi. There are many senior citizens who live alone and cannot buy water, because who will hold the heavy gallons for them? And many have no money to buy water either.

And calling customer services is of no use – all you get are excuses.

Just imagine, can the PM House go without drinking water? We can survive without electricity (we have had to), but there is no concept of life even on Mars without water. Being a law-abiding and tax- and bill-paying citizen of Pakistan it is my right to ask the prime minister why I am being deprived of drinking water.

Emad Sohail


Posted on by Muhammad Saleem-ul-Haq in Karachi Today

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