Karachi Eat Food Festival 2017, brought to you by cko Event Architecture, is happening on the 13th-15th of January at Frere Hall. It is that time of the year when Karachi literally wakes up to grab quick bites at their favorite restaurant stalls. Karachi is specifically known for its awe-inspiring and evolved taste buds, and in this season Karachiites celebrate food at The Eat food festival.

Food festival revolves around the idea of providing a platform for all foodies to enjoy food under one roof. This event also gives new eateries a chance to market their offerings and receive feedback from their customers.

Over here you get to tantalize your taste buds with a wide range of exciting cuisines from the top selected places of the city. Along with the delicious food you’ll get a chance to meet celebrity chefs, directly engage with the respective restaurant owners and learn some useful tips, secrets and techniques from them.

This year’s Eat food festival 2017, food categories include Fast food, top restaurant’s and their chefs, famous street food, Patisseries and frozen food. It will also be featuring new restaurants like Paramount, DR’S CAFÉ, Biryani Mastani, Chocolate Shawarma, Faroo’s Kitchen, Graffoody, Donny & Shabby’s and many more.

In this epic battle of food, customers are the judge of the show, where they analyze the presentation, quantity and quality and then they give their verdict.

There is much more to it than just food, such as Live music of several genres and various local artists’ performances, competitions and food contests. There will exclusive activities for kids to enjoy as well.

Faisal bank has also provided a hospitality lounge for their executive clients and card holders. This enclosed area is situated in the center of the carnival. It is at a prime location and has easy access to all the stalls in its surrounding.

This festival will also be an opportunity for new entrepreneurs and professionals to come in direct contact with their target audience, learn from their response and then filter out the pros and cons before starting their business. They may also avail a chance of receiving sponsorships from other businesses.

This carnival is a great opportunity for a long awaited friends/family picnic where you can celebrate the advent of spring and have an amazing time.

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